ZHANJIANG CHIKAN KAIJIE TRADE COMPANY LIMITED is a professional enterprise which specializes in producing and trading business for 12 years. As an enterprise which has the right to export, we have raw materials directly and manufacture them into high quality products. Then we export them to the world.

Our enterprise is located in the southernmost of China, LeiZhou Peninsula, which is the biggest basic to produce the sisal and make the sisal products. So one of our main products is the sisal fibre / sisal product. Our enterprise is the best and the most famous supplier and exporter of sisal products. Our company has 5 kinds of products : sisal, glove, jute, pp/pe rope and fishing net light.


Our enterprise has three sisal factories and has rich experience in producing and processing. After many years of continuous adjustment technology and equipment, the production of small exquisite packaging specifications products have high quality and lower price.

All sisal products can conform to international standards and international market needs.

With more than 10 years of sisal products producing and processing history, KAIJIE has rich experience in production ,technology and equipment strength. It has now become a leading factory in the sisal field with its management, technology and equipment. We can produce various SISAL YARN, SISAL ROPE, SISAL CLOTH, SISAL CARPET, POLISHING BUFF,etc.. With years of efforts, KAIJIEhas developed into a manufacturer with large production capacity, stable product quality and diverse product variety.


Our company has six automatic production lines to produce the gloves. The main gloves of our company are LATEX INDUSTRIAL GLOVES, LATEX HOUSEHOLD GLOVES, LATEX EXAMINATION GLOVES AND NITRILE GLOVES. We annually produce 180 millionlatex examination gloves, 27 million pairs of household (unlined/lined) gloves, 24 million pairs of industrial (unlined/lined/double colors) gloves and 180 million nitrile gloves.

Our company has set-up strict management system. We have obtained the certificates for ISO9001:2000, FDA(510(k)NO.K072145) and CE. With the stable producing ability and many years exporting experience, we can provide gloves with best quality and reasonable prices.

Meanwhile, Zhanjiang port, one of the ten biggest seaports of China, is only 15kms to our factory. So all our gloves for transportation become so easy and fast. And Zhanjiang has many big natural wild latex forests, they support us enough latex for gloves duplicating. So, to build a long-term good partnership,KAIJIE is a good choice in doing glove business.


Jute is a 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable fibre. 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable and recyclable.

Our company doesn’t plant and produce the jute fiber, but we can make it into a beautiful jute products, such as jute ball, jute roll and so on. We can make the jute fiber to many shapes, sizes, colors available with your ideas. We have a factory which focus on proceed the jute fiber into exquisite packing. And we also export the jute products to all over the world.


Our Company has one plastic factory with 4 producing lines. We can produce yellow, white, red and blue PP rope ( polypropylene rope) with 1-50mm diameter.

And we can pack it in 220 m a coil with 1/2/3/4/8/12 ply. We can produce black PE rope with stronger material. PE rope can be used for packing, hanging, rolling, pulling and so on.

Our PE rope has more strength than other PE rope because we use the stronger material to make it. It is convenient and stronger in daily life use.


Our Company has 7 color fishing net lights (LED) in RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE AND WHITE.

Trait: Led Blinking, Power Save, Long Life, Water Resistant, New Style, Net-Lamp Adopts Latest, Save Energy


Our products are exported to America, Korea, Pakistan, France, UK and many other countries or regions. We have established a long-term good partnership. We ever cooperate with many big and famous company. The amount of exports every year is more than Seven million dollars and more than Three thousand tons.

Welcome to our enterprise. And hope that we can enter into business relations with each other on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.




– we believe that it is the foundation of any business


– without reliance we could not develop a business


– it is the basis for establishment of all human relationships


– we take responsibility for everything we do

The keys for success of the company are


• Excellent knowledge of all the products which are grown in this part of Nigeria where the company is located

• Precise control of the buying of raw material

• Modern factory with most efficient and effective machines and equipment

• Strict control of the calibrating and cleaning processes

• Excellent understanding of the customers’ requirements

• Flexible solutions of the customers’ needs

• Hard-work of all the members of the family

• Competitive prices and high quality

• Honesty and loyalty


1.We want to be the best exporter in China.
2.We want to get great evaluation and huge feedback in society.
3.We want to make friends and establish long-term partnership with people all around the world.


1. Become the best Chinese supplier in sisal products.
2 . Become the biggest gloves supplier in gloves.
3. Give every buyers the best quality products and service.
4. Try our best to help our business partners finish their goal and get their benefit.
5. Help our friends open and occupy the local market in sisal, glove, rope, jute parts.
6. Get the 100% good feedback from every customer and every friend.