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May 8, 2014


Bill Rogers Youth Foundation (BRYF)



Bill is former Liberian international renowned athlete who had represented Liberia in so many front, now using sports as mean to transform other lives in communities and to help underprivileged children to discover and develop their athletic talents engage community connections and health awareness.



  • Youth Network for Reform (YONER-LIBERIA)
  • Youth for Change
  • Liberia Athletic Federation
  • The People Empowerment Foundation


Mission: Empower Liberian Youth through sports.


Our annual 5K Run serves as a pipeline to discover talented, passionate and dedicated youths that will be developed athletically and undergo a series of high level strategic development leadership programs in preparation for 2020 Olympics  and other local and international competitions.


BRYF in collaborations with our partners aims to:


  • Increasing participation in athletic activities
  • Discover the athletics talents in Young Liberians
  • Increase community efforts through sports
  • Developing youth in community to be effective citizens
  • Provide strategic development for youth



  • To set a platform for 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan that could inspire athletes participation and community engagement
  • To discover and connect young potential athletes and coaches with local and international clubs



  • Athletics to bring together 10,000 young people, elderly and people with disabilities
  • To discover and develop the talents of Liberian Youth and children to positively impact their communities
  • To address issues connected to violence, drug trafficking and gangs
  • To positively channel aggression and frustration and teach participants about conflict resolution and reconciliation in Liberia
  • To provide a safe environment in which youth can learn life skills, receive formal and informal education and job training, and obtain referrals to social services both within and outside of the community

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