In war-torn Liberia, there is a desperate need for food, shelter, clothing, and a self-sustaining education system to help provide Liberian youths with a future that is a far cry from the struggles of their upbringing. The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation was created to help fill that need. The founder, Bill Rogers, has seen firsthand the havoc and destruction of the war waged in Liberia, and knows all too well the struggles of his countrymen. The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation works with missionaries and volunteers in both the United States and Africa, providing necessary supplies, training and support to help improve the lives of Liberian youth.

"When I was there, the kids were naked When I go back, they will be clothed."

-Bill Rogers

The situation in Liberia did not worsen on the back of a single person, and so too will change not happen with just one person. Only when we come together to support this cause will we be able to enact real, lasting change. The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation needs your help to further its mission of helping the youth of Liberia look to a future that is as bright as their past is dark. Please browse the links across the top to learn more about our Foundation, current projects, and ways you can help the youth of Liberia.


Who We Are

Sports changed the Life of our Founder, Bill Rogers, & now he's giving back & using sports to empower the youth of Liberia to affect positive change in their communities and to change the life of the Liberian Youth and unify Liberia. We are on a mission to help Liberia's youth discover & develop their natural talents, so that they can positively impact their communities.

Our Approach

Discover + Develop + Unite = Impact: Creating Model Citizens