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Your donation today will make an immeasurable difference. Donate now to support one of our programs/services or projects. The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation is 501 c (3) Corporation.

It takes many drops to fill a bucket. If you can afford even $5, your contribution can go toward gathering the supplies and tools we need for our ongoing projects, such as:

• Building youth Sports development Center

• Buying livestock for our BRYF farm and ranch

• Sending a mission team

Charitable contributions are deductible on your tax return, and don’t have to be cash to be eligible. The youth of Liberia who we are working to support are in need of tangible contributions too:

• New or used children’s clothing - shirts, pants, shoes and socks

• Sporting equipment - balls, uniforms, goals and nets

• Medical equipment – crutches, braces, wheelchairs, etc.

• Books, school supplies, pens, pencils, paper, tape, glue, etc.

• Computers, computer equipment, educational software

• Construction and hand tools – circular saws, reciprocating saws, power drills, extension cords, chainsaws, tape measures, etc.

• Any automobiles, especially off-road vehicles.

• Generators to provide needed services for the many areas of Liberia that are without electricity

If you have a donation, please send it to:

Bill Rogers Youth Foundation


If you are willing to donate items but are unable to ship them, we may be able to arrange shipping.